Chen Taiji Quan 陈氏太极拳

Taiji quan is a martial art “Wushu”(武术) that is initially practiced slowly in order to develop awareness of the body and energy. It is not always practiced slowly, but, uses softness, stickiness, fastness, slowness. Some basic physical exercises practiced in traditional martial arts are also part of the training and some other are specifically in the art of Chen Taiji training.

It fosters the development of balance, physical strength, flexibility, fluidity, awareness, and harmony while building an important martial foundation.

This practice is part of the “internal styles” Nei Jia 内家 and according to available documents, originates with the Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng of the Wu Dang Mountains in Southwestern China. The styles currently taught worldwide include, but are not limited to, 5 basic styles: Chen, Zhaobao, Yang, Wu, and Wu.

We practice the Chen style; The oldest traditional Taiji style coming from Chen Wanting; the 9th generation of the Chen Family and 1st generation of Taiji quan.