Cultivate, Refine, Transform


The practices of martial art, Qi gong, Tai Ji are integrated into an overall objective of balancing the health of the body, vital energy, mind towards an optimal state of well-being.
It is possible to cultivate this state and keep it in harmony with your study and practice in our school if it fits with your expectations.
We welcome this approach to optimize your health, general well-being and we will support you accordingly.
It is also possible and exceptional to go further in order to refine this state and transform our being towards unsuspected heights, this is the true meaning of Gong fu or surpassing oneself and this is not reserved for a close door group or a specific age group, it is possible for all.
For this we will exceed our limits, break our shell and reach higher goals at each stage with effort, letting go, time, having as a foundation the martial virtues at the base of our spiritual evolution.
For those who have inspiration in this direction, the duan system will be an appropriate orientation.
This system and the teaching as a whole was originally structured by Master Shi De Cheng (Dengfeng, Henan, China) and Gao Shilin (Canada) and then built by integrating the contributions and recommendations of Professor Zhang Kai (Kunming, Yunnan, China), Master Chen Zhaosen (Wenxian, Henan, China), Master Di Guobao (Dengfeng, Henan, China), Master Sûra (Lovina, Bali, Indonesia).