Our Mission

Welcome, Stimulate & Strengthen

A transformative commitment, integrating meditation, Chinese medicine through Qi Gong, Chen Taiji Neigong and traditional internal martial arts.  Towards reaching the full potential of physical, mental and social well-being through teachings adapted to individual of all ages, backgrounds, conditions and limiting disabilities.


Healing and Transforming

Qi (vital energy) is the link between mental and physical states.
We come into this life experience with our ancestral Qi; life energy that comes from our parents and ancestors.
This Qi was influenced in its evolution by not only the mental, physical and energetic states but by the climatic, geographical and social environments of our ancestral lineages as well.  
Our internal environment which is our microcosm,  includes our vital organs, their energies and their balance. The state of this internal environment is influenced by our life habits, our physical, thoughts and emotions patterns.
It is also influenced by the external environment in which we live and the consumption/exposure of our five senses to stimuli, conscious or unconscious.
It is therefore our ancestral heritage, our daily patterns and our environment that shape our life experience.
But a phenomenal reality is within our reach !
We have the power to transform this life experience with “scientific” methods that are measurable.
Through the attentive cultivation and refinement of Qi, body and mind; an increasingly conscious state manifests naturally.  This new state initiates a profound transformation at the mental, physical and energetic levels as well as shaping ones environment. These changes are experienced as being extremely fulfilling, even ecstatic!
Simply having the desire to change, making the decision to do so and working with the appropriate guidance we can Cultivate, Refine and Transform our body, our energy and our spirit!  This leads to a deep state of well-being which will have a transcendent impact on ourselves and our environment. (An individual’s initial condition could require a subsequent doctor’s consent)

Leave addiction Behind

Addiction appears to be a destructive repetitive pattern inferred by physical, energetic, mental, emotional, or spiritual deficiency.
It appears as a substitute that seems beneficial in the * short term but is destructive in the * medium & long term.
Once an addiction becomes fully rooted in the person concerned, it can be very difficult to get rid of especially while remaining in the same context of life and habits, unless you have guidance to reverse everything.
The traditional internal martial arts represent an extremely effective way of transforming these issues because they contain the essence of realization, of the conquest of a mediocre version of ourselves which was and which only appears as a memory with time and commitment.
If, with the agreement of a professional doctor, a person courageously begins a process of liberation, this very process will be unique in its starting points, its challenges, its evolution and its realization towards the transcended and best version of ourselves!
If today we act like we did yesterday, our tomorrow will not bring more than today. If we are supported and make a big effort to think, speak and act better than yesterday; our life will bare fruit and tomorrow will be better than today. “The only limits we have are those we create for ourselves”
Laotse said:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!
Let’s move towards a better future today!