Never Too Late

Tai ji is an ancient Chinese tradition (martial art practice).

It is a complete system of exercise and stretching. It involves very calculated moves, which are slow and focused, it involves deep breathing and the seeking of a meditative state.

“Tai ji has evolved into an exercise helping people of all ages and can be particularly beneficial to those of us entering our golden years especially for  those who may  be experiencing physical difficulties or poor health.”

Before you get started, should you have a medical condition or a muscular or skeletal problem, you obviously need to check with your doctor to ensure that you are fit enough to do such activities.

The good news is that Tai ji has a safe track record and you should be encouraged to take it up. The only obstacle is you hindering yourself from its amazing benefits.

Stress Reduction

The deep breathing experienced during this exercise is known to promote calmness and help distract you from stressful thoughts.


The low impact, slow, and steady movements in Tai ji help individuals regain their balance and reduce the risk of falling.

Strength and Agility

Research has shown that Tai ji supplies those who practice it with increased strength and performance. Of course, this is for people who practice this on a consistent and regular basis, at least three times a week.

Flexibility and Posture

Good posture and flexibility can be sustained from the constant practice of Tai ji.

Tai ji is also known to increase the quality of sleep and enhance the immune system. It can also be an excellent aid for Chronic Illness Prevention – Parkinson’s disease, chronic heart issues, fibromyalgia, and a lot of others. It also regulates the respiratory system and improves body coordination.


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