Special Programs

Témoignage - Expérience Shaolin Wuji

Punctually during the year special programs are organized. These programs could involve these disciplines through variable perspectives;

  • Meditation
  • Chen Tai Ji
  • Shaolin Qi Gong
  • Zhineng Qi Gong
  • Shaolin Gong Fu
  • Traditional Weapons


Special Program 5 / 7 

12 DAYS / 18 HOURS


Zhineng Qi Gong



Beginners & Intermediary Practitioners




Duration of 18 hours in 12 classes

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

5:30 \ 7:00 AM

“But the first day Wednesday 22nd” 






Contribution: 360 CAD + applicable taxes

Regular Student with Active passport -50%; 180 CAD + applicable taxes


A limited number of students will be able to attend.

Registration & Information


Form to be completed Below

Kai Fa Zhihui (development of wisdom) of Zhineng (intelligence) Qi Gong

This contemporary open style practice is the product of thousands of years of wisdom and can generate spectacularly fast and intense effects depending on the student’s receptivity. Its fundamental theory is based on the Huyuan Qi.

Six levels of practice, separated by different forms, open the way to deep wisdom; three of those levels have been disclosed to the public and each is composed of 3 “levels of realization”. Most levels are internal, but the first form, “Peng Qi Guang Ding Fa”, is external, unlike traditional types of Qi Gong.

This practice fosters the unique progress of martial artists of all orientations by changing their perception, inner peace, and connection with the Qi.

It opens the door to the development of special abilities, such as healing. Kai Fa Zhihui Zhineng Qi Gong is based entirely on the teachings of Pang Ming and stems from the integration of the ancient teachings (Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism).