Erik Gosselin 高仕林

He started learning martial arts with Judo in 1978 and English boxing in 1982 and more seriously started in 1987 in Nick Cierio’s Kenpo with master Michel Drouin.

In 2001, he left to continue his studies with Di Guo Bao in the Shaolin monastery in Henan, where he met grand master Shi De Cheng. From this moment on, he gave up part of his occupations in Canada in order to extend the duration of his annual trips to China, living with his master for periods of up to 9 months a year.

In 2009, he settled down in Sutton and opened the“Shaolin Martial Zen Center of Sutton” it became later, the “Shaolin Wuji center”, in order to promote this authentic heritage.

From 2006 to 2013, Master Shi De Cheng has visited him every year to continue his teaching, and from 2009 to validated the progress of the martial artists of the Shaolin center of Sutton. Together, they visited various schools in Québec to foster the Shaolin arts.

Since 2010, he is the 32nd generation external disciple of the Song Shan Shaolin monastery lineage of grand master Shi De Cheng.

Since 2016, he is Chen Taiji Quan 12 generation disciple successor of grand master Chen Zhaosen.

During his 15 years in Asia, he studied with masters in China, Nepal, India, and Indonesia.