Meditation / Zuo Chan 坐禅 / Mindfulness

Meditation is not an action, but a state of pure consciousness that is cultivated in the stillness of body and thoughts beyond the intellect.

With practice gradually and progressively a deep inner calm manifests itself and become established more and more.

There are different methods with their specific techniques and orientations towards higher progression and union with our self.

Our practice stemming from the heritage of India and then of the Shaolin Masters is Dhyana (Chan in China, Zen in Japan). It is a manifesting state, it cannot be conquered.

We also practice Jing Gong (Culture of Energy in Stillness) which has its essences and roots in ancient Chinese Taoism.

As the intensity and regularity of the practice progress, this discipline induces a deep clarity as well as a new perspective of our 5 senses and the freedom that we can take from them.