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Welcome back everyone!


Summer session

 July 2 to July 27 inclusively


In order to comply with government recommendations, we will have to limit the number of students who will attend classes. But several options are available and you will surely be able to find a schedule that will suit you.


You must therefore make your choice and book in order to receive a confirmation which is needed.

 Texting; 579-488-4007 or email;

(The usual passport for group class prevail-3 months or 1 year-)


  • 6 students Wuji Sutton Center ——-Monday at 6:00 p.m. – Qi Gong / Chen Taiji

  • 8 students Concept Action Bromont –Thursday at 6.30pm-Qi Gong / Chen Taiji

  • 10 students Kin Impact Magog — Wednesday at 6.30pm – Qi Gong / Chen Taiji

  • 15 students Parc Fleurimont Sherbrooke — Wednesday at 4:30 pm – Qi Gong

  • 15 students at Parc Antonio Sherbrooke —– Wednesday at 12:15 pm – Qi Gong


  • Wear your uniform to avoid the use of changing rooms and washrooms, as well as your water bottles.


  • Wearing a mask is recommended for indoor sessions.


  • Keep a distance of 2m with teachers and other students.


  • Wash your hands regularly or / and use the device with disinfectant liquid installed.


  • It is strongly recommended, after each session, to wash clothes with soap.


  • If you do not show up without notifying your class, your time scheduled may be offered to another student.


  • Usual Classes will start again the week of August 17 with the yearly schedule 2020-2021 that will be announced in July.


So, you can book now!

Hope to see you soon!