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Meditation / Zuo Chan 坐禅

Bodhidarma en méditation près du Temple Shaolin
Bodhidarma meditating near the Shaolin Temple

Meditation is not an action, but a state that is cultivated in stillness. There are different cultivation techniques that have their specific pathways, orientations and propels the growth of inner calm and for certain methods; the growth of the energy level.

Gradually, according to the intensity and the regularity of the practice, this discipline inspires a deep peace as well as a new perspective of our 5 senses and the freedom that we can take from them.

Our practice from the heritage of the Shaolin Masters is Dhyana (concentration on oneness), Dhyana is a state that manifests itself, we can not conquer it.

We also practice Jing Gong (cultivation of energy in stillness)which has its essence and its roots with the Taoists masters.