Shi De Cheng

Shi De Cheng  /Shi Su Xi / Gao Shilin

师祖 Shī Zǔ (Granmaster) Chen Qingzhen is better known as Shaolin monk and disciple “Shi De Cheng” (Total realization). He opened his school in 2001 after spending close to 20 years in the monastery.

His first master was his father who taught him from a very young age in his hometown of Kaifeng.

The teaching and practicing of martial arts, Taoism, and Confucianism were not allowed in China during the Mao Era, so his father taught him at night.

He dreamt of going to the Shaolin monastery but it just wasn’t possible at the time. He was taken on by Master Jiao Hong Bo as a student in the school of Dengfeng and finally, with his support, was accepted as a Shaolin disciple.

After his arrival at the monastery in the beginning of the eighties he began to study chan and to deepen his evolution in traditional martial practice with grandmaster “Shi Su Yun”, monk of the 30th generation. In the beginning of his twenties, he became master himself and disciple of the 31st generation of the Shaolin monastery.

He was part of the first group of Shaolin ambassadors to travel the world in order to promote the art of Shaolin Kung Fu.

His presence, simplicity, teachings, deep compassion, and subtle intelligence all work together to enable him to effect a gradual but profound transformation in all those lucky enough to share precious moments with him.