Our Philosophy


Your progress as a martial artist is unique in terms of its starting point, its challenges, and its evolution. Building on the fundamental basis of wude (Martial virtues), your development will gradually allow your interior peace, compassion, and wisdom to grow, your body to become stronger and more flexible, your attention to increase and your spirit to deepen, all at your own pace and according to the intensity of your commitment.

The development of a martial artist and his/Her gong fu could be compared to the growth of a seedling that needs sun (Yang) And water (Yin). If we give too much or not enough of either, the seedling will drown or dry up. If we give light and water regularly, increasing the intensity and frequency gradually and in harmony with its needs, it will grow to be big and strong in its own time. Likewise, it is better to let your regular traditional practice evolve steadily and gradually instead of taking on an excessive commitment you may be unable to respect.

At an advanced level, martial artists practice every day, but a regular investment of 4 to 6 hours per week will be a solid foundation for progress as well as excellent for your health.