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Notre Ecole / Our School

Hello all !
In this extraordinary context, we have to adjust and see the windows of opportunity that open up for ourselves.
It is a precious period of time allowing us a bigger space to practice, to strengthen and build for ourselves a state of mind and body; calm, energetic and powerful to enjoy the beautiful summer that is approaching!
We will not resume classes for now and we will get back to you when the comeback time will be decided, but for yourself and your well-being, take advantage of this time and devote yourself to practice what you like and is beneficial to you !
We have just opened a page for active students of the school in order to put punctual and spontaneous videos on different aspects of the Shaolin Wuji Center teaching to support you during this unusual period.
Have a look on Face Book
“Shaolin Wuji Center Group”
Make a request for access.
Take advantage of this period to Grow!
Your Vitality
Your general well-being
Your personal power
See you soon,
Le Centre Shaolin Wuji est un organisme à but non lucratif ayant comme mission de transmettre l’enseignement et les valeurs des arts martiaux traditionnels chinois en guidant les pratiquants à établir leurs assises de santé, de bien-être et de paix afin qu’ils s’accomplissent comme catalyseur d’élévation de leurs facultés physiques, énergétiques et spirituelles.
The Wuji Shaolin Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to transmit the teachings and values of traditional Chinese martial arts by guiding practitioners to establish their foundation of health, well-being and peace so they can perform as a catalyst for raising their physical, energetic and spiritual faculties.

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